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Welcome to AtoZ Route Fourm   by atozroute on 26-10-2011 07:24:51
 Subject :A2z solution available for your voip business in one place.. 16-10-2011 22:26:28 
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Forum : Sell Call Termination
Topic : A2z solution available for your voip business in one place

Are you Tried of searching for a Reliable/Professional VOIP Solution Provider? And looking to start your own VOIP business under your own Brand name? Then WD Telecom is Best Place for you. WD Telecom is a VOIP Solution provider company, We are providing World’s Most Popular VOIP Windows and Linux Based Softswitch on Sales /Rental / Hosted bases with 24/7 non-stop Technical Support, Like VOIPSWITCH, MVTS , VOS Switch
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Our team is perfect blend of experience and talented VOIP Application Developers, who are successfully providing appropriate & quality solutions to our global VOIP clients according to their respective needs like CDR, Dialer and Modules Customizations.

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Of course on Very Low investment, Resellers can Start there own VOIP Business under there Own Bran name. If you are interested, we could send you a sample of one of our lists complete with summary information, We’d love to hear from you.

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Mobil Dialer ( Symbian Edition )

Contract us:
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MSN Id: sales@wdtel.com
Web: WD Telecom Ltd

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 Subject :VOIP 1 to 1 HOTLINE OVER DYNAMIC IP.. 16-10-2011 22:05:56 
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Forum : General Discussions

Hi, I am new to voip but looking to establish a 1 to 1 hotline voip service for myself and a friend who stays overseas. I am just doing this to save on my cellphone bill OR talk more to him.

He has a dynamic IP at his house and so do I. I want it more like an intercom over internet. Is there a way I can do it without having to go through a third party service provider. We do not get skype phones where I live. So I am looking for something that works over VPN or using DYNDNS etc.

I can buy any adapter which turns a normal PSTN phone into a voip phone and if need be I can buy a cheap voip phone.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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