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India Available now 5000 channel  0.0103$



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Eagle State Int'l Ltd. has grown to become the leading VoIP service provider in Hongkong with a growing share of the global pure-play VoIP market. Through its strong technological capabilities and extensive distribution network, Eagle State Int'l Ltd. brings high-quality voice communication services to carriers, enterprises, service providers, and consumers with its wide range of service offerings.

Eagle State Int'l Ltd. has made good deal in market with A to Z wholesale and retails With customers and partners throughout the world, Eagle State Int'l Ltd. builds and maintains telecommunication networks that provide Voice and Data services in a converged technology environment.

Look at our traffic volume per day..

India all-----100 to 200k perday
Mexico Mobile -------40k perday
South Korea Mobile---40k perday
Sudan Mobile------40 k perday
Taiwan Mobile----20k perday
UK - Mobile------40k perday
Cameroon Mobile---20 to 30k perday
Colombia - Medellin--30k perday
Egypt - Mobile---20k perday
El Salvador Mobile Telemovil-40k perday
Guatemala Mobile Comcel--30k perday
Vietnam all---30 to 40 k perday
Thailand - all---40k perday
Poland Mobile Orange--20k perday
Philippines Mobile-20 ot 40k perday
Paraguay - Mobile---20k perday
Afghanistan Mobile-20 to 30k perday
Nepal - Mobile----15 to 20 k perday

Azerbaijan Mobile--10 to 15k perday



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WD TELECOM is one of the company which are making place and growing fast in VoIP business and now pleased to announce about its High Quality Routes in aggressive/attractive Price. We don�t compromise on quality and always try to give more benefits to our prestigious Carriers/Customers.

Our Hot destinations are as follow:

1. Pakistan Premium (Pure White CLI) @ 0.0290
2. BD Premium (Pure White CLI) @ 0.0348
3. India Mobile 919 (Pure White CLI) @ 0.0108

We feel pleasure to facilitate you with Best Quality


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