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 Subject :Promo - CLI/NCLI routes at competitive rates.. 10-01-2018 20:32:24 
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Voicebuy Wholesale VoIP Provider offering you the best performing CLI/NCLI routes at competitive rates.

Please take into consideration that all prices are in USD.

Algeria mobile Mobilis 0.171 Direct/Clean traffic
Algeria Mobile Watania 0.322 NCLI/Clean traffic
Afghanistan mobile MTN 0.09 Pure CLI/Operator
Sudan Mobile Sudatel 0.078 NCLI
Sudan Mobile MTN 0.093 NCLI
Libya mobile Almadar 0.133 NCLI/Unfiltered
Indonesia Mobile Telkomsel 0.029 Pure CLI
South Africa All 0.024 NCLI
Nepal Mobile Spice 0.083 NCLI
Pakistan Mobile Telenor 0.0094 NCLI

Please contact us at sales@voicebuy.com
Voice Trader LLC
Address:19806,19c Trolley Square, Wilmington USA
Direct: +16465175052

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