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 Subject :Looking for Honduras NCLI routes , instant live traffic available.. 28-05-2018 17:37:29 
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Greetings from American Callshop Corp.

Urgently Looking For Honduras Mobile Celtel,Claro and Digicel. Instant live traffic available Now.


Best Regards,
Stuart Hart
Sales  Executive Manager
Office Number: +1-646-5645631 (Ext. 106)
Skype: sales9@americancallshop.com (live:sales9_446 )
email: sales9@americancallshop.com
URL: http://www.americancallshop.com/

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American Call Shop Corporation is a prominent VoIP service solution provider located in USA, since 2009. It has the global reputation to deal with A - Z termination. We are looking for some good quality and stable non-cli routes and also dealing with millions of traffic on daily basis as well. Avera
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